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A Brother's Loyalty

That's my brother right there. He probably wishes he could have done the 8 years in prison for me. He has always been overprotective, in the way all younger brothers want their older brothers to be. That perfect balance of fatherly and homeboy. I credit a lot of my recent success to him. When people believe in you the way he believed in me, your likelihood to strive doubles and triples. He used to make these 5 hour rides to come see me high up in the New York state mountains. In the middle of nowhere. Nothing but racist sheriffs in the small county. Nonetheless he sacrificed over and over again to be there for me.

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Youth Music Group Opens Up About Parental Incarceration

It's not often you hear kids talking about having a parent in prison; let alone hearing a group of kids rapping about their parents being "locked up in the box". JAY.N.M. is different. Jay Jay, Nasia, and Mike are truly a breath of fresh air. The honesty, transparency, and intimacy they are bringing to Hip-Hop is quite impressive when you consider they are just 13, 9 and 7 years old.  Most kids are afraid to open up about having a parent in prison. The kids have broken out of their #Cage. Most people let the stigma of parental incarceration hold them down and silence them whereas JAY.N.M. is screaming, singing and rapping with all of the might in their bodies. Some people...

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