A Brother's Loyalty

Posted by Antoine Patton on

That's my brother right there. He probably wishes he could have done the 8 years in prison for me. He has always been overprotective, in the way all younger brothers want their older brothers to be. That perfect balance of fatherly and homeboy.

I credit a lot of my recent success to him. When people believe in you the way he believed in me, your likelihood to strive doubles and triples.

He used to make these 5-hour rides to come to see me high up in the New York state mountains. In the middle of nowhere. Nothing but racist sheriffs in the small county. Nonetheless, he sacrificed over and over again to be there for me.

I remember the one day he came to see me. He looked sooo exhausted. I felt bad. He was alone but I was also expecting my cousin to come with him. Unfortunately, they had a little too much fun with the local Buffalo strippers and they essentially pulled an all-nighter 😂

When sunrise came, My bro said to my cousin: "time to hit the road to go see TK".

My cousin was "too tired".
My bro was determined tho.

5 1/2 hours later he was in the Woodbourne Correctional Facility visiting room with me taking this picture. I still remember seeing the glitter specs here and there on his face lol.
Love you bro. Tink


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