8 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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 By Greg.Digital “Mr. Meditate & Motivate” 

Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway. 

“You are a vibe, don’t give anyone the power to ruin that ”


I don’t have to tell you how crazy energy has been. Even if you are not in tune with your higher self you can feel the chaos. When constantly bombarded with negativity you begin to operate at lower vibrations. Raising your vibration will have to become an essential part of your daily routine. Falling into or adopting bad habits can become an easy thing to do based on those we keep around us.  In order to be your highest self, you need to raise and keep your frequency high. Let’s make a commitment as a tribe to raise our vibrations; to operate in love and positivity rather than giving into negative influence. It might not start as perfection, you will want to curse. You will still even get mad. The direction of your energy is something you will learn to control.

Say or write out things you’re grateful for

Every morning I wake up, I say three things I’m grateful for. Life is always the first, after that it’s usually something based around family, something positive that happened the day prior, or those high vibrational people in my circle. If you’re a writer, you could also create a gratitude journal to help internalize your joy and love. Showing your gratitude will bring you more things to be grateful for in abundance. Universal law, what you push out is what you’ll receive. 

Create better eating habits

The saying “You are what you eat” is factual. Not saying you’ll turn into a fish, goat, chicken, pig, etc., but you get the gist. When I stopped eating red meat and pork I gained more energy and I felt lighter (not like I’ve ever been heavy in this lifetime lol). The cleaner you eat, the better you feel. It benefits the body by aiding fat loss and weight loss, increased energy levels, increased mental well-being, improved skin clarity, hair strength, and some cases sleep quality. Clean eating is more of a lifestyle than just a short-term diet. Eat foods that agree with you and make you feel energetic. Your body is a temple.

Practice meditation

In my blog what is mediation and how exactly do I meditate, I broke down the definition of meditation, how to meditate, where you can meditate and the different forms of meditation. One of the greatest benefits of meditation is gaining insight into the things you want answers to. I meditate daily to help stop negative thoughts and better focus on positivity. Meditation doesn’t have to be long; you can have a quick 5-10 minute session. I’m sure social media holds your attention longer than that. So why not put that same time into raising your vibrations with meditation?

Connect with nature 

I love the park, the beach and being outside in the wilderness to connect with nature. If you’re fortunate enough to have a nice park, a beach, or open fields to escape to and connect with, then take advantage of that. I like to take my shoes off and connect with the earth as a way of grounding myself and my energy with nature so we become one. In return, this helps boost my vibrations and make me feel whole on a spiritual level.

Avoid energy vampires

Family and friends don’t understand at times when they randomly call or text to vent it’s really an energy-draining experience. Try to get in the habit of asking someone if they have mental space for you to vent. Also, get comfortable stating the mental space you have available for someone when they call you to vent.  Creating more positive than negative vibes is the goal. Hang out with high vibrational people, laugh often and don't judge others. When you are out and about, start speaking to strangers; such as the cashier at the checkout line. Say hi and ask how their day is going, sometimes individuals don’t have anyone to talk to all day. A simple gesture like “hello,” can help some else in a major way.


Disconnect to reconnect

I took a break from social media, it was an amazing and refreshing feeling. After returning, I soon noticed how nothing had changed and I hadn’t missed anything. Sadly we live in an era of social media living instead of real-life living. Not everything you see or hear on social media is beneficial to you. Daily we spend on average 1 to 2 hours on social media. If social media isn’t taking up your time, try to distance the things that are distracting you and not benefitting. A disconnect is needed in order to connect with yourself. I tend to disconnect and spend time with my loved ones, read, meditate, or just enjoy my own space.  You can listen to or make music that makes you feel good, create art or whatever form resonates with you in a genuine way.

Find books to read 

Reading mentally stimulating books can also boost your vibrations. Remember the universal law, what you push out is what you’ll receive. That goes for knowledge as well. When you leave this earth, you should leave it empty. Meaning the vast majority of the knowledge you have should be shared with others in some form or fashion. “Each one teaches one.” A few books I would recommend are;

 The Law Of Attraction

The Slight Edge

Negative self-talk and how to change it

The Strangest Secret



Guilty as charged lol. I have kept a few things longer than I should’ve. Spring cleaning is needed no matter the season. Out with the old and in with the new is a recycling energy phase as well. Donate those old clothes, throw away those old socks, shred that stack of confidential paperwork. Cleaning your space whether it is the house, car, or workspace also puts a smile on your face at the end.

Key takeaways 

Be grateful for what you have before it’s taken away from you. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, you’re still able to have some junk, balance is key. Make sure you’re doing more good than bad for your body. Meditation is essential for mental health and can aid in activating your creative side. Get acquainted with nature, enjoy the beauties of the earth. Unplug yourself from social media or whatever is non-beneficially consuming your time. Read books that bring you the knowledge and that can be shared with others. Clean up your space to put a smile on your face.



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