Are you going through a spiritual awakening?

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By “Mr. Meditate & Motivate” 

Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway. 

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

My spiritual journey started long before it became a lifestyle for me. I’ve always said I was more spiritual. I would go to the beach and talk to myself and the universe to speak on things I wanted to change for myself as well as my family. I would speak of business endeavors and how these things would make me feel. I would meditate before I knew about meditation. I had changed my eating habits by cutting out red meat and pork. What I’m saying is a lot of the unintentional things we do have a meaning behind them. You’re ready before you’re aware of it. Let’s dive into this awakening. 

What is a Spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is the starting step of your spiritual journey. It refers to a shift in consciousness, an apperception of reality that had been previously unrealized. The occurrence of such realizations is in the recognition of oneness with all of existence. It can stir up unusual, intense feelings, cause irregular thoughts, and even cause you to question, is this normal? The spiritual awakening process is more of a transformation, from the dark to the light. 


Signs of an awakening

You see 11:11 every time you look at the clock or see other number sequences like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, etc. on addresses, car plates, or receipts. Keep in mind that repetitive numbers have a meaning. No need to panic, they all have a good meaning lol. You may feel the urge to work on yourself, and really fall down the rabbit hole into spirituality. You’re no longer close with certain friends and family members. You’re looked at like the outcast. You feel as though life around you is fake and the “matrix is real”. You seek more meaning and purpose in life. You see past the masks of other people and see how unhappy they are. You value your alone time. You’re more forgiving to others. You are interested in learning more about the metaphysical; intuition, spirituality, astrology, tarot, conscious living, yoga, meditation, crystals, singing bowls, altars, etc. You find yourself questioning everything. You may ask yourself questions similar to these:

  • Do I really need to drink so much?
  • Why do I get angry so often?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I help others?
  • Do I really need to eat so much meat?
  • Why do I attract so much drama?


Feeling a Sense of Connection

You find yourself taking an interest in your family, friends, and volunteering within your community or making efforts to improve it. You start asking questions to understand others instead of judging them. You have a heightened awareness of the animals, and insects you share the planet with. You might decide to stop eating meat. You tend to catch yourself trapping flies and spiders instead of killing them. You have a connection to nature and enjoy being outdoors. This may come as a realization that littering, using plastics, or wasting food is no longer acceptable to you personally.

Letting Go of Attachment

You’re making it easy to let go of grief and negative thoughts. You also change certain words you use and use daily affirmations such as:

  • I’m smart
  • I’m admired
  • I’m loved
  • I’m vegan
  • I’m a motivator
  • I’m healthy
  • I’m changing for the better

Finding Inner Peace

We need to get out from time to time. See new places, find things that make us smile, and appreciate them. There are a few parks I like to go to that brighten up my day. I meditate there and just take in nature. I also have a manifestation spot. This spot is the place I go to when I need to reflect and talk with myself about any and everything that’s happening in my life. Find your positive surroundings. It is also important to find positive people to surround yourself with. Your circle of friends is vital when it comes to motivation and staying on track.

Increasing Your Compassion

You may find yourself taking on the emotions of others or feeling a sense of compassion as well as self-kindness. You develop a sense of common humanity, you no longer see multi-races and one race which is the human race. You’ve developed a sense of mindfulness and take others into consideration.


Taking time to rest and rebuild internally

You can’t reach those goals if your mental health, physical health, and wellbeing aren’t being taken care of properly. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and taking breaks no matter your field of work. Remember you come first then those goals and execution of them. When you feel good you do good and accomplish more. Make sure you have a balanced diet.


You start to look at competition only as a reflection of yourself. Just because someone does the same thing as you doesn’t mean they get the same satisfaction for doing it. Nor does it mean they did it better. Comparing yourself to others will only create self-doubt. You can’t be motivated while comparing yourself to others and expect to keep improving. Negative self-talk is a rapid way of destroying your motivation and progress. Here is a book on negative self-talk about how to stop it. Also if you haven’t read my blog on the power of words you can check it out here


Key takeaways 

This journey is a beautiful thing once you realize it, accept it, and build yourself up daily. A few things you can do to begin the active part of your spiritual journey are: Meditate, spend time outside, laugh more and let loose, dance more and have fun, connect with your community and volunteer, practice gratitude daily, slow down, no need to rush. If you need assistance meditating check out my blog on meditation here.


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