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By “Mr. Meditate & Motivate” 




"We're not outnumbered, we're out-organized"

Bobby Seale and Malcolm X


My birthday is on the 20th of August. The number 20 has always been a favorite of mine amongst a few others. I just knew this year would be different, it would be special in its own way. Never did I think this movie scene we call life would become so tragic. I’ve meditated on the roof to find some kind of clarity, some type of hope, some type of solution. I’ve sat here with many words to say, while not knowing where to start nor how to finish. Similar to how we protest we have a goal but not a vision. It’s time we strategize, organize, come together, and globalize our power as a people. People of color are on every continent and we must put actions together to gain our King and Queen mentality back. It’s time we fight this fight with strategy and structure. We've been out “chess’d” for far too long. It’s time we checkmate our oppressors in our own way. I’m not saying I have all of the solutions but this country respects money and value monetary items. If we stop spending in the big corporations that we put billions of dollars into then who will fund them? We value outsiders businesses more than we value our own communities' businesses. In the Black Wallstreet, it took 1 year for a single dollar to leave the community. Let’s bring that same energy back. 


I wrote the message below to our student at the Unlock Academy. Many of them urged me to write. They wanted me to use my voice even if it wasn’t in its normal tone. This came together for them it was their words that encouraged me to share a very different style of writing from me. I appreciate them so much for that. 

“Grand rising tribe family. Due to these circumstances, there will be no blog this week. I tried to sit and write. However, I write based on how I feel and what I feel would be beneficial to the tribe and those in need. From a point of view of spiritual growth, and motivation. My heart is heavy and my mind has been filled with mixed emotions all weekend. I refuse to write when my emotions have gotten the best of me. I will not put that energy into what we have, we’ve come so far in such a short period of time. I send love and light to every single person a part of our community. Please be safe.”



Not knowing what to think, what to say, and what to feel. We’re still in the middle of a global pandemic. People have been stuck in their homes for months. People have been laid off jobs, lost businesses they’ve worked hard to build all due to Covid 19. Families are expected to survive off of crumbs after spending the $1200 stimulus check on rent, bills, personal items, and food. All while maintaining a decent household not sure of what tomorrow will bring. Many essential workers are drained tirelessly, emotionally, stressed, and unfamiliarly depressed due to working in so many different departments all for the same hourly pay and not enough rest for themselves to catch up from 2 days ago. Now we’ve entered yet another protest because more black lives have unjustly been taken on camera by an officer that is supposed to be dedicated to “Serve and protect” the public. Perhaps they’re only supposed to protect corporate America and those other than people of color or so it seems. I’ve held back tears for days in the midst of this too commonly known feeling of no justice for the Kings and Queens who share my same hue. Why is it black lives can build a great nation but can’t be included in the wealth benefited from it? Why is it black lives can be taken on camera by police and they not receive any real consequences? I have been afraid to have children in this world because I see how cruel it is and how vicious it can be to our kind. I can’t properly prepare them for a system that has many tricks and tactics to harm them on a daily basis. People treat us as if we come out of the womb evil or reckless, when in fact we come out of the womb with a clean slate just like them. The only difference is many of them have a silver spoon or very close access to a silver spoon even if they don't know it. Most of us are thrown into survival mode before we reach the age of puberty. I went to Prague a few years ago for a week to visit a friend who was teaching English, my mother wasn’t afraid of me going there. Instead, she was afraid of me going back to NY or visiting my family in LA because of how the police treat people in those areas. Why is it police can slap the wrist of a white person but snatch the entire life and soul from a black person. Why is it we must endure so much pain but get treated as if we’re built Teflon tough. Why must we get treated like what our ancestors endured isn’t happening right here right now? I’ve seen my cousin take his last breaths on camera via social media. I know how it feels to lose someone to violence and take their last breath on camera. It’s a feeling that haunts you at night at times. Why must we be afraid every time a cop car gets behind us or is in our presence? Why must we wonder if we will be next when we see the ones who are supposed to “Serve and protect”? If you’re not protecting us then who are you protecting? Yes, we say black lives matter, and others shout that all lives matter but why is it that black lives don’t matter as much as the rest? Why must in 2020 we still have to find the words to say in order for us to be heard when our pain is as visible as the blood that is on the streets from our brothers and sisters?





It's perfectly fine to not be ok right now. It's important to be vocal about how you feel. It's time to come together and come up with short term and long solutions. Distance yourself from social media and give yourself time to process everything in its entirety. Don't get pulled in by fake stories that are being shared and reported. Remember we're not outnumbered we're outorganized. It's time we change this or we will be here yet again. 


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