How do I manifest what I want? Do I need a manifestation spot?

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By “Mr. Meditate & Motivate” 

Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway. 

"Don’t hope for it more than you work for it."

When I moved to Florida it was a breath of fresh air. Being born in upstate NY, and raised in Atlanta, you don’t have the luxury of the beach at your fingertips. Well not a beach worth going to on a regular basis lol. I took advantage of the beach and would drive on the water all the time to admire the houses. I love architecture and building structure. I would go to the beach to speak with myself and the universe before I became aware of manifesting. I would speak about the things I wanted to happen to my family and myself. How certain things would make me feel once acquired. I released grief there as well. I was forming a bond with myself at my manifestation spot. Since I discovered what I’ve been doing, I decided to add a few more locations to my list of spots. 

What is manifestation?


an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.


Where are good places to manifest?

If you don’t have easy access to the beach or a waterfront. I would suggest you find a nice park that you can connect with and feel at peace at. This place or places will be your connecting source places. You have to get yourself to a level of letting yourself be free and at one with these places. You will go here when you’re at what may feel as though it’s your lowest point in life and at your highest points in life. You will give thanks here and also shed tears here. You may spend 10 minutes here or an hour or more. 


Be Clear on what you want 

For years I told myself and others around me I was getting a certain 2 door car. I knew the color and the model. I gave myself the ability to change the model because things change daily. I ended up buying a different model which was the 4 door version. Before I purchased it I visualized myself driving it, I sat inside of the car, I test drove it. I allowed myself to become one with what I wanted. This is why vision boards and manifestation spots are vital.  The law of attraction has no idea if what you’re saying is something you do want or do not want. I wrote a blog on the power of words that can be found here. Be very specific with what you want. I’ve learned that details are everything when it comes to manifesting. If it’s a car you want; be annoyingly specific with the color, make and model, price, and mileage. Sidenote: Leave a little room for change as well such as color or model.

Ask for what you want 

Now that you know what it is that you want and have created a list. Go to your manifestation spot and meditate. Become one with nature and ask for the things within your list. Try to visualize it while meditating. Manifesting and asking for things come in many forms. Such as prayer, meditation, visualization, and vision boards. An easy way to ask for what you want is to write a letter to the universe. Be sure to ask on a daily basis. If you need assistance meditating check out my blog on meditation here.

Work towards the goals

Don’t hope for it more than you work for it. Manifesting only works if you do too. This work could be mental, physical, or emotional. If it’s a job you want, this includes skills you may need to acquire. Which translates to physically doing work and learning or a mindset you will have to develop.  If it’s a car this will include a certain level of hustle which will also be mental and physical. You have to give in order to receive, remember it’s about balance.

Be patient 

Living in the microwave times, we all want things rather expeditiously. In the spiritual world this is possible however, it takes discipline to reach that level. Within the physical world it takes time. Don’t rush the process. You have to believe you will receive what it is you’re asking for as sure as your next breath will occur. When you feel a low vibrational thought coming, counteract that thought with a positive affirmation. Such as “I got this. What I’m asking for is coming. I am getting closer to my goal every day.” Repeat it frequently if you must.


Accept and acknowledge 

Take in the signs that you’re getting closer to receiving what you’ve asked for. One day I was meditating and I asked for a sign that what I wanted to do full time was the right thing for me. That same day not even an hour later the name of the company I co-own was on the back of a new vehicle. That was my sign and I took it in. Once you receive what you’ve been asking for. Give thanks and accept it. Show how grateful you are for receiving it. You could even write down the signs you’ve received just to keep track of the 1% that’s adding up to the 100% outcome.

Key takeaways 

We all manifest things into our lives every single day. Most of us aren’t aware of it. I hope this has made you aware and has given you some tips on how to manifest the things you want. Remember a positive mindset and positive actions will push you closer to the things in which you’re asking for. Keep your mind focused and remain patient and you will receive those things. A great read for the law of attraction here.


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