How we can rebuild our community with technology

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By Greg.Digital “Mr. Meditate & Motivate” 

Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway. 

After our peaceful protesting and amplified riots that have been injected with infiltrators, after we’ve made our voices heard. We will still be in the same space we’ve been in since the destruction on the Black Wallstreet in 1921. For countless years we’ve pushed effortlessly for change outside of our community only to push minor changes within our community and amongst each other. We live in a time of technology and we’re being left out of that only to fill jobs that will be obsolete in the next 5-10 years. 

In 2019, there was an uproar for the minimum wage to be raised to make $15 an hour. Being a part of the tech industry I felt that shouldn’t be the main focus. People tend to forget once minimum wage raises so will living expenses. The cost of living increases on average 3% every year. It’s time we submerge into industries we’ve been afraid of jumping into or that have been stiff-arming us from dominating the market. Especially since we seem to have a special sauce of dopeness: anything we touch WE conquer. We can’t build wealth collectively until we get ourselves in order individually. You’re more willing to contribute once you’re no longer living paycheck to paycheck. The system isn’t broken, it works exactly how they want it to work. We just haven’t been able to build an info structure inside of this system. If we play the game how we've been playing it with this individual or “crab in the barrel” mindset we will continue to lose. We must reach back and pull others up with us. Unfortunately, everyone won’t make it but we can attempt to uplift the majority. Let’s discuss how technology can help us create the shift we want and need. 

What opportunities are available?

  • Freelance/Own your Tech firm

Many of us have entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. It’s not difficult to create your own tech firm once you have the knowledge and can create your own team. Some also work for tech companies to develop certain skills then fall back to do their own thing. Learn to advance your skills from the big tech firms then bring the knowledge back to your own community. It can be creating websites, developing apps, games, web applications, graphic design, AR, VR, AI, etc.

  • Healthcare

The following are open to tech entrepreneurs: Development of drugs, prediction of patients’ needs, big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), research improvement, reduction in fraud through the assessment of risk factors that are not easy for humans to assess, record sharing, drug testing, and so on.

  • Media

Blog consulting, computer training, data entry, internet research, social media consulting, video production, web design, graphic design, product design, animation creators, IT support, computer repair and maintenance, and so on.

  • Hospitality

Hotels and lodging, restaurant, bars, catering, night clubs, health and sports, spa, travels, tourism, arts and culture, event management, transportation, and so on.

  • Fintech

Payment infrastructure, processing, and issuance, stock trading apps, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, Insurtech, money transfer and remittances, mortgage lending, Robo investment advisors, credit reporting, financial cybersecurity, infrastructure and software to power financial applications, neo banks, alternative lending markets, and so on.

  • Technology

Digital advertising, mobile app services, retail business (tech shop), app development services, cloud-based services, IT equipment services and sales, online school, e-library, technical writing services, computer training services, music, and video content streaming services, tech consulting, 3D printing manufacturing, web analytics services, influencer market platform, and so on. This includes full-stack developers, front end developers, backend developers, cloud developers, etc. 


Non-Coding Tech Positions 

  • Account executive

An account executive is a position that requires a strong relationship with the client, and it's a job that involves working with both the advertising agency and the client itself. The account executive will be involved in some of the operations behind a marketing campaign and will attempt to secure more clients as well. 

  • Project manager

A project manager will be in charge of a team working on a specific project within the company.  The project manager reports the updates of the project to the clients. The project manager makes sure the project is moving forward in the right direction.

  • Sales Reps 

A sales representative will speak with prospective clients in an effort to snag a new customer. Gather leads, generate reports, negotiate all contracts with prospective clients. This could be inside sales or outside sales.

  • Marketing Manager 

A marketing manager will be in charge of marketing campaigns and brand imagery, among other marketing strategies.

  • Data Analyst

A data analyst collects and stores data on sales numbers, market research, logistics, linguistics, or other behaviors. They bring technical expertise to ensure the quality and accuracy of that data, then process, design, and present it in ways to help people, businesses, and organizations make better decisions.


“Silicon Valley is a predominantly white, male industry that is notoriously bad at welcoming and celebrating people from diverse backgrounds. This old boys club has put people of color and women at a disadvantage since the earliest days of the industry, and it continues to do so.”

Megan Rose Dickey


What are the salaries 

The average tech salary is $120,000 but varies significantly based on location, industry, and company size.


“According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Using information from the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019, the BLS claims that in that quarter, the median income for a full-time wage or salary worker on a weekly basis was $936. For a 40-hour workweek, this translates to a yearly income of approximately $48,672. This is a 4% increase on the previous year. The median weekly earnings for full-time black or African American workers is just $756, which is $39,312 per year.”


How can Unlock assist 

The Unlock Academy was created with the underrepresentation of the Black and Hispanic communities in mind. Our people have been left out of the tech industry and without connections or soft skills, it's rather challenging to break into this industry and shine. We have created courses to help our people learn at very affordable prices. We have created partnerships with tech firms such as Facebook, Microsoft, MongoDB, and Black-owned firms. These partnerships will allow us to get our students’ interviews and internships with said companies. Interviews that thousands of people get waitlisted for. We will be releasing new courses soon, as well as providing our students with a more elite learning experience. We will also be hiring some of our students, we’ve already started this process.


How can this transition into our community 

Our community has the highest spending amount. However, we don’t own anything collectively and we’re spending the majority of the money outside of our community. This has been a major disadvantage for us. We must collectively get our own politicians in office and have them work for us. Many people say vote for these politicians, Claud Anderson says “buy them”. They will have to speak on our behalf as a community. This will then trickle down to the police. Protesting is good, however, they know we will continue to spend our dollars in their community, and they’re hoping we won’t come together as a unit to create a plan. Many small business owners in our community need websites, mobile apps, and minor tech needs. They need tech firms like ours (Atlas Digital Group) and individuals who are willing to serve them. We need our own social media platforms to freely communicate with each other. We need to educate each other with the truth and not the narratives of the indoctrination system. It’s time we spend our money wisely and effectively. We have the power we just have to shift how we use it (Our money).



A few books I would recommend are;


Black Labor, White Wealth

Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The Science Of Slave Psychology


A few clip and movie I would recommend are;


Key takeaways 

If we want things to change we have to take it. Make ourselves seen with the skills we possess. Make ourselves heard by collectively changing our spending habits and investing in our own community. Buy our voice with politicians and have them do the legwork that is needed. Learn a skill that will help enhance our living conditions. We've been in survival mode for too long, it's time we start to LIVE. It's time we make heavy changes collectively and take our power back. Remember each one teaches one.


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