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The starting steps on the pathway to Financial Freedom

  By Greg.Digital “Mr. Meditate & Motivate”      Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway.  “Having money means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it” What is financial literacy  Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. What is financial freedom Financial independence (Freedom) is the status of having enough income to pay one's living expenses for the rest of one's life without having to be employed or dependent on others.[1] Income earned without having to work a job is commonly referred to as passive income. For someone who wasn’t taught the definition...

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What is meditation and how exactly do I meditate?

By Greg.Digital “Mr.Meditate & Motivate”  Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway.      “The truth is we all meditate throughout the day. The only difference is some of us are aware of what we’re doing and are able to control it. Throughout this read, you’ll connect more with meditation and become aware of those moments.” What is meditation?  Merriam-Webster definition of meditation:   noun “the act or process of spending time in quiet thought: the act or process of meditating” formal: an expression of a person's thoughts on something     What do I need for meditation?  Meditation can be done in the comfort of your bed, on the floor, sitting on a nice cushion. It’s...

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