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8 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

   By Greg.Digital “Mr. Meditate & Motivate”  Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway.  “You are a vibe, don’t give anyone the power to ruin that ” I don’t have to tell you how crazy energy has been. Even if you are not in tune with your higher self you can feel the chaos. When constantly bombarded with negativity you begin to operate at lower vibrations. Raising your vibration will have to become an essential part of your daily routine. Falling into or adopting bad habits can become an easy thing to do based on those we keep around us.  In order to be your highest self, you need to raise and keep your frequency high. Let’s...

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The importance of Self Development and ways to improve it.

By Greg.Digital “Mr.Meditate & Motivate” Edited by S. N. J. Dubuisson  Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway.    JayJay.Digital      “You only get one first impression with others. You get a million re-tries on recreating yourself.”   What is Self Development?  The self is an individual person as the object of its own reflective consciousness. Since self is a reference by a subject to the same subject, this reference is necessarily subjective.   Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity. The development of talent builds potential. Self improvement feeds into aspects of human capital and the facilitation of employability or career enhancements for self employment. And the implementation of all of these raises...

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What is meditation and how exactly do I meditate?

By Greg.Digital “Mr.Meditate & Motivate”  Peace to the tribe, welcome to the Holistic Hallway.      “The truth is we all meditate throughout the day. The only difference is some of us are aware of what we’re doing and are able to control it. Throughout this read, you’ll connect more with meditation and become aware of those moments.” What is meditation?  Merriam-Webster definition of meditation:   noun “the act or process of spending time in quiet thought: the act or process of meditating” formal: an expression of a person's thoughts on something     What do I need for meditation?  Meditation can be done in the comfort of your bed, on the floor, sitting on a nice cushion. It’s...

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