What is the Unlock Coding Boot Camp about?

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By Greg.Digital “Mr.Meditate & Motivate” 

Peace to the tribe and potential Coding Boot Camp Tribe members. On December 31st we closed our public open enrollment to become one of our Mastery Members. Why would we do that? So we can give them the focus and energy they deserve for putting in the time, hard work, and dedication that is needed to become a success within this industry. The only way to become a Mastery Member is by being referred by a current mastery member or to complete one of our introductory courses or completing one of our boot camps like the Code Camp. I must warn you this isn’t your regular coding boot camp. Let me explain why I made such a bold statement.

I know you may have some questions, let us dig together… 


What makes our boot camp extravagant? Ok well for starters this is completely FREE. We know learning to code can cost a pretty penny, yet we also know how certain opportunities aren’t offered to our communities for free. We’re changing that!

That sounds great but what about age limits? This boot camp is for individuals 8 years old and up. 

I’ve never done coding before and I’m totally new to this tech stuff. Don’t I have to be a genius? Listen if Antoine, the Founder of the Unlock Academy could teach himself how to code in a prison cell with minimum access to technology, we’re pretty confident we can help you learn and excel as well. If he can do it, YOU can do it!

All of this sounds good. What if I have questions in the camp? This coding camp will be conducted online. The videos will be live, on a weekly basis. Can’t make the live sessions? We will record the video for you and post it in the course section. We will also add you to an environment of peers who will help you along the way. Oh did I mention we will be setting you up with an accountability partner? 

How long is the Code Camp? The code camp is 4 live lessons, a quiz, and an accountability assessment. You’ll have approximately 4-6 weeks to complete the lessons, the homework, and the quiz.

What type of coding languages will I learn? We will be going over HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Right now this is foreign to you but after the coding camp, you won’t be intimidated at all when you see these languages.

With these skills what will I build? You will build a website and a mobile app. You will build APIs and learn how to work on databases. This website will be the start of your portfolio. Why would you need a portfolio? To showcase your work when applying to a job or when starting your own tech firm you can show potential clients your work. Did I mention the potential for amazing jobs starting at $50,000 - $70,000 a year is EVERYWHERE. Even remote work from home companies! Not interested in working for someone else? Starting your own tech firm providing these services and gain clients could be but aren’t limited to: individuals, local companies, churches, gov entities, etc 

What happens after the boot camp?

After the boot camp, we will determine if you have what it takes to join our Mastery tribe.

Side Note… Complete this boot camp and you'll get access to our premier courses, career development training, discounted merch and much more.

If you're still having doubts, you better believe we gotcha! With Coaches like us and a tribe of over 2,000 students to learn with, you'll have a support system with you the entire way! Before you run off to become a Code Camp Member check out the list below.

Bootcamp Checklist

Here's what we recommend you get in order to successfully complete our coding camp:

  • Quiet Place - Choose a place where you can concentrate while coding 
  • Scheduled Coding Time - Block out specific days & time for coding 
  • Equipment - You'll definitely need a laptop or a computer to do the homework but you can participate using a mobile device
  • Notepad and Pen  - for note-taking
  • Brain Food - Food/Snacks/Drinks/Smoothies. The healthier the better
  • Playlist - Good music always helps so create you a playlist to listen to while coding
  • Rest and Stretch - If coding for a long period of time, be sure to take small breaks and stretch often.




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