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By JayJay.Digital and Muneer.Digital 

In this post, we will cover why children should code, and the benefits of learning the skill


Did you know that coding is all over the world? You’re looking at code right now while you’re on your computer or tablet or phone, reading this post and everything else you do on the internet. Learning code will be the best thing you can do for your future or even right now. Youth Coders Jay-Jay and Muneer will cover why you should learn to code and the benefits of learning this skill. Continue reading and we will #UnlockYourFuture.


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As I said, we’re living in a world of code. And the future is going to rely more and more on the coding language. So learning to code will make sure that when the future comes, or even in your life right now, it will ensure that you’re not left in the past. It may sound a bit scary but eventually, robots (that run on code) will start to do the jobs that people once did. So the question is, would you want to be left out of a job (or even having your own business) or would you want to be the one that creates those robots and makes thousands of dollars, possibly every day?

But I get it, you may still be wondering, “But I don’t fully see the reason in learning to code.” Learning to code at a young age will make your life way easier when you grow up because you already have the skill and won’t have to learn it once you’re an adult. If you wait until you’re an adult then learning to code will be much more difficult because you have to learn the past first then you have to learn the future (which would be your present if you wait until you’re an adult) and trust me you will NOT want to do that. But if you are an adult looking to how to code you’re never ever! Too old to learn how to code, you can learn how to code no matter how old or how young you are so don’t feel threatened because you think you can start as an adult.

It will be worth the time and effort if you learn it now so that when you’re older you already have that skill set.

Have you ever seen something on the internet like this? 

Let us tell you something that is all fake!  Learning to code looks nothing like that. It looks more like this:


Now wait, that probably still looks a bit scary, but code uses words not numbers. If you know how to type, you can code. If you have a computer you can code. Coding isn’t as hard or as scary as it looks (especially the ways movies and shows make it look). Coding is like English but you format it so it becomes code.

Even if you don’t want to build websites or code robots or create computers and other devices, it’s good to have the coding skill because, we assure you, that even if you don’t expect to use code at any time in your life, you will still use it at least once. No matter what you think, you’ll benefit from learning this skill.


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Coding is not only rewarding, but it is also currently in high demand. As stated before, coding and technology are really becoming a big part of today’s world and very soon not being able to code is gonna be like not being able to read. Every job someone gets requires at least a little bit of reading and in about 5-10 years that’s gonna be the same case for coding. But the amazing thing is, getting a job as a coder is very rewarding- due to the big bucks.

According to Glassdoor, the average Software Developer makes around $77,000 a year, sometimes even more, compared to a cashier that makes only about $21,000 a year! For example, a big company like Microsoft will pay you $80,000 A YEAR to work for them as a programmer! Now that’s a pretty nice amount of money! But getting into coding, especially at a young age, can definitely come with a lot more opportunities than just lots of cash. 


Jay Jay and Antoine with Collin Kapernick, Eric Reid, and Nessa.  
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Speaking from personal experience I know exactly how that feels. I built my first app when I was only 12 years old and from there so many amazing things just flew my way. For example, I was able to speak at many different events/conferences, and not to mention, I also was featured on multiple tv and radio shows like The Today Show, NPR Radio Show, and The Steve Harvey Show. I even got to meet various celebrities including Nick Cannon, Collin Kapernick, and even Malcolm X’s Daughter! This all came to me though because I am a very young entrepreneur and coder doing something most teenagers my age aren’t. As a kid when the world sees you doing something so great and out of the ordinary they are in awe and ready to put you out there to do more and for others to see as well. Coding can be that perfect outlet. So if you want to get into coding do it now, and you could for sure have some amazing opportunities like I have. The amazing part of it all is, coding is not as hard as it seems at all. So if that is your excuse you can leave it at the door :). Now just because coding isn’t hard, that doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging at times. But every new thing comes with a challenge so don’t let that scare you. 


Overall learning to code is really demanding if you want to have the best future you can, and like we said the world is about to be a Globe of Code, so either run with it or get left out and struggle through life more because usual jobs and businesses that you would want to create will either be run by robots or irrelevant in let’s say 15 years from now. If you plan on learning to code why do you personally feel like you want to learn how to code? Let us know in the comments below. 

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